The new life of the theatre after the pandemic

  Meskhishvili Theatre opened its 160th season on October 10, in a new open-air space, but because of the worsening epidemiological situation the theatre was forced to stop showing performances, only rehearsals continued under the strict control of regulations. On April 1, 2021, all theaters in Georgia have reopened. At this time, three premieres are ready to show at the Meskhishvili Theatre. On April 11, the theatre will present the play "Alice in Wonderland" based on the famous novel of Lewis Carroll. Director - Elene Matskhonashvili. In the role of Alice - actress Nino Choladze. Original music was specially written for the performance, composer - Giorgi Chlaidze. "Alice in Wonderland" is part of a large project, which is being implemented by director Elene Matskhonashvili in regional theatres and aims to direct and perform puppet tales on the drama theatre stage. In this play, both, the actors and the puppets are equally involved in the performance. In the framework of this project, our actors also mastered the art of puppetry. The reopening showed us how much the audience missed the theatre. 300 spectators attended the show and according to the regulations they were seated by skipping a chair (like on the chessboard). Little Alice’s big journey went successfully with both premieres sold out on April 3 and 4.

  On April 23 and 25 the theatre is preparing for the next premiere. “Your Majesty” is the name of the psychological monodrama, which is being staged by director Konstantine Abashidze after Nugzar Lortkipanidze’s play. The play is based on the story of the famous French writer, Gilbert Cesbron. The play is of a political nature and deals with the relationship between the individual and the government, the visible or the invisible struggle between them. Actor Zviad Svanadze plays the role of a barber. Another premiere is planned in May - Eugene Ionesco's "Delirium for Two". Two directors are working on the play - Levan Svanadze and Konstantine Abashidze. Actors - Marika Samanishvili and Tengiz Javakhadze.

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, work had begun on Bertolt Brecht’s play “Drums in the Night”. The play is being directed by the invited director Nikoloz Sabashvili. Rehearsals will be resumed in the near future. With the arrival of spring and the rise in temperature the “Green Theatre” will begin to fully function. In May, actor Avtandil Sakhamberidze plans to present a mono-play “Bardnala”, based on Lado Asatiani's poems.

In September, Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre will host 10th Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. Meskhishvili Theatre will present "Macbeth" directed by Konstantine Abashidze.

Meskhishvili Theatre opened its 160th theatrical season!

     On October 10, 2020 Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre opened its 160th jubilee season. According to the Covid-19 regulations, the opening event took place in the open air, on a new stage of the Green Theatre, built this summer in the courtyard of the Meskhishvili Theatre. In the beginning, the artistic director Konstantine Abashidze greeted the public and delivered a speech, where he emphasized the importance of the new space and the new challenges the theatre is facing.  After which an excerpt from the premiere - You Majesty - the performance based on Nugzar Lortkipanidze's  play, directed by Konstantine Abashidze,  was shown to the audience - a monodrama, played by the actor Zviad Svanadze.

     Keti Mamukelashvili  presented her monograph "Ephro Kldiashvili", the chairman of the Theatrical Society of Georgia Giorgi Gegechkori addressed the audience and the annual award ceremony began. This event is traditionally held on March 27. Many theaters were nominated and awarded for "Best of the Year". Meskhishvili Theatre is proud to have lots of achievements this year: Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Award, the title of the Ambassador, Anzor Kherkhadze, Medea Japaridze and Giorgi Shavgulidze awards and Dodo Aleksidze Prize. Also, 11 employees were awarded the title of Amagdari -  the great carers of theatre.

Pandemic and plans for the next season

     On March 3, 2020, the Meskhishvili Theatre officially made a decision and informed the audience that due to the given situation and for pandemic prevention it would stop showing performances for two weeks, until March 17. First, March 17 was postponed to April 1, and then until an indefinite date.  The worldwide pandemic, naturally, has had a negative impact on theatre life, both morally and financially. During the difficult days of self-isolation, the Meskhishvili Theatre kept in touch with its audience with a "new product" - videos, poems, prose, songs recorded by the actors in their houses. On July 19, 2020, the theatre closed the season in the open air at the central entrance, with a musical performance The Bremen Town Musicians. Of course with the plans for the new season.


      The 2020-21 season is a jubilee season for the Meskhishvili Theatre. The opening will take place on the 26th of September. Many events are planned: the season will be opened with the premiere of "Your Majesty!" (Director - Konstantine Abashidze).  The celebration of March 27, which is annually organized by the Georgian Theatrical Society, will be held on September 26 at the Meskhiskhishvili Theatre, also an award - "The Best of the Year" will be held on the same day,  where the Grand Prix for the best performance will be given to the Meskhishvili Theatre for its performance "The Wind in the Poplars" (Director - Nino Maglakelidze, actors-Sulkhan Gogolashvili, Zviad Svanadze, Davit Roinishvili). There will be an official presentation of the Green Theatre - a new, open space. As for the rest of the performances,  they have been put into production and work is underway on six new performances.



Nugzar Lortkipanidze


“Your Majesty!”


Based on the short story by Gilbert Cesbron

Psychological Monodrama


Director – Konstantine Abashidze

Designer – Shota Glurjidze

Music – Givi Chlaidze

Assistant Director – Vakhtang Amanatidze



The Barber – Zviad Svanadze


In memoriam: Nugzar Lortkipanidze



     Once upon a time, a law of freedom and equality established by God was first broken on the earth. A human used his power against the other and declared this “humane” act as his right and privilege.

      From that day on, the history of mankind unfolds against the heavy background of a struggle between the individual and the system, the person and the government, the conscious or the subconscious.

     The system will always do what we allow!

"Your Majesty!" is concerned with this most urgent and eternal problem. It is based on the short story by Gilbert Cesbron, and is an excellent psychological monodrama created by director Nugzar Lortkipanidze. Thus, this work formed the basis of a play created in the genre of political theater by director Kote Abashidze and actor Zviad Svanadze.

Meskhishvili Theatre play - “The Wind in the Poplars” won the annual competition Grand Prix of Creative Union - The Theatrical Society of Georgia

NNLE - Creative Union - The Theatrical Society of Georgia



The annual prize of the NNLE - Creative Union - The Theatrical Society of Georgia

"Best Work of the Year 2020" to be awarded in the following nominations:

1)    For the best Georgian play of the year - "Odyssey" Avtandil Diasamidze (Youth Theatre)

2)    "Grand Prix" for the best performance of the year - "The Wind in the Poplars" Director: Nino Maghlakelidze,

Actors: Davit Roinishvili, Zviad Svanadze, Sulkhan Gogolashvili (Kutaisi Theatre)

3)    For the best directorial work of the year - "Open Verandah" Kakha Gogidze (Meskheti Theatre)

4)    For the best actor of the year - "Zoo Story" Andro Vachridze (Meskheti Theatre)

5)    For the best actress of the year - "Kiss" Tamar Mdinaradze (Ozurgeti Theatre)

6)    For the best supporting actor of the year - "kldiashvili.ge" Manuchar Shervashidze (Batumi Theatre)

7)    For the best supporting actress of the year - "Toast" Marina Arghutashvili (Gori Theatre)

8)    For the best young actor of the year (not more than 30 years old) - "Electrician" Valeri Koberidze (Rustavi Theatre)

9)    For the best young actress of the year (not more than 30 years old) - "Change it" Ketevan Luarsabishvili (Gori Theatre)

10) For the best scenographic work of the year - "The Happy Couple" Lomgul Murusidze (Rustavi Theatre)

11) For the best original music of the year - "Change it" Meri Beroshvili (Gori Theatre)

12) For the best choreographic work of the year - "Aladdin" Davit Metreveli (Youth Theatre)

13) For the original theatrical idea of the year and its implementation - "Odyssey" Avtandil Diasamidze (Youth Theatre)

14) For the best critical work (Review, Creative Portrait, etc.) of the year - Nodar Gurabanidze "Murder in Samanishvili Family", "Death of Akaki Akakich" (Theatrical Society)

Kutaisi Theatre became the full member of the European

Theatre Family!


Performance Exchange with the theatre space - TEO, Odessa, Ukraine


    In January 2020, Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre became the member of the European Theatre Convention - the largest network of public theatres in Europe. The ETC has about 40 European Members from over 20 countries, reflecting the diversity of Europe’s vibrant cultural sector. Founded in 1988, the ETC promotes European theatre as a vital platform for dialogue, democracy and interaction that responds to, reflects and engages with today’s diverse audiences and changing societies.


    In the framework of the ETC’s Performance Exchange Programme Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre will be hosting the guests from Odessa, Ukraine on May 6 and 7, 2020. TEO: theater space will present the performance: In the Basement to the Georgian audience, based on Svetlana Baskova’s play, directed by Ivan Orlenko.


    On May 18 and 19, 2020 Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre will perform in the theater space TEO its two highly acclaimed performances - DUPLET , directed by Konstantine Abashidze, based on Vaclav Havel’s Audience and Harold Pinter’s One For the Road and The Truth by Florian Zeller, directed by Giorgi Shalutashvili.



The guest performance is supported by the European Theatre Convention in the frame of ETC's ENGAGE programme. ENGAGE - Empowering today's audiences through challenging theatre is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Created By Zura Khvadagiani